"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us"

– Joseph Campbell


My name is Neli and I am an artist and storyteller. 

I tried modelling. I tried nursing. I tried to be a journalist but when I became a mother I bought myself a film camera and 24 years later, visualising and creating imagery is what I do best. I’m passionate about it and I’ve won the odd award.

I am warm. I am honest. I will jump through hoops for you on your wedding day, because I know you will give it your all to create amazing images.

Photography to me is a key into your life. Your love. Your story. It gives me the opportunity to collaborate with you to create something beautiful, something as unique as you are yourselves.

I am into real people, real moments, real emotion and I adore the awesome people I meet through my work. If you are ok with truth, love nature and authenticity we are about to become very good friends.

If you are a couple who thinks outside the box and are planning an untraditional wedding day I would LOVE to document that for you.


I split my time between the UK and Aeroe island in Denmark, and wherever else in this beautiful world my work takes me. 


BSC Honours Photography - Staffordshire University

Award Winner - National Open Art Competition

Featured in French Style Magazine and The Wall Street Journal