My name is Neli and I’m a story-teller.

Being a photographer, being the one responsible for recording life’s most precious moments for others, is both a joy and a personal privilege. And if that occasion happens to be your wedding, well that counts double!

Your wedding is an opportunity to capture unique personal moments, never to be repeated. And I know from experience that the very best result comes from a place of collaboration and mutual respect.

My style is not traditional. I am an experienced story-teller with a clear aesthetic vision. I don’t want to capture a snap-by-numbers line-up of friends and family. No, your wedding day photographs should be a shameless celebration of who you are and how you both felt in exactly that moment, regardless of whether it is just the two of you or you are surrounded by family and friends. 

To me, your wedding is about being brave, not standing on ceremony (well, maybe briefly) and, to be honest, forgetting I am even there! So what if it rains, let’s jump in a few puddles. Who cares if the best man didn’t comb his hair and please make sure you do leave a little lipstick on his – or her – cheek. Love deeply and let it show! Let’s set out together to capture real  moments, real people and real emotion.

If you like the sound of this, I think we are about to become great friends


I split my time between the UK and Aeroe island in Denmark, and wherever else in this beautiful world my work takes me. 


BSC Honours Photography - Staffordshire University

Award Winner - National Open Art Competition

Featured in French Style Magazine and The Wall Street Journal